13092178_10153502577714147_475289377983606300_nCorfu has a long history, stretching back to the time Odysseus had his final stop here, on the island of the Phaeacians, before heading back to Ithaca. The island of Corfu and especially the capital of the island with the same name, bears the marks of its past conquerors.


13094422_10153502577644147_3839963069670049023_n400 years of Venetian and 50 years of British rule have had the most influence on the architecture, culture, habits and customs of Corfu, but the French managed to build Corfu’s trademark arcades of the Liston. Particularly the connection with the UK remains strong, as about 10,000 of the island’s 120,000 inhabitants are British. Corfiots drink ginger beer and play cricket!

13096079_10153502578599147_2574673498330885771_nThe island has always been green and fertile, thanks to the many winter rains and the humid microclimate created by millions of olive trees. The beautiful landscape along with its more than 60 beaches made it one of the first islands of Greece to be developed as a tourist destination.


13096212_10153502577824147_5894137186873456756_nMost of the island’s coastline is touristically developed, on the eastern coast are the busiest resorts with big hotels, while the western coast has more small resorts with family-run businesses. About a million tourists visit Corfu every year, most of them to enjoy the sea and sun, but alternative forms of tourism such as walking, cycling, horse riding, wellness holidays and other special interest holidays are growing fast. You can read more on alternative tourism on Corfu on our Green Corfu website.